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Farmer Choice is one of India's leading agricultural corporations that strives to be a key link between farmers and consumers since 1978. While contributing to the betterment of India's farming community, Farmer Choice also provides immense value to consumers, with a wide range of product offerings through flagship brand Farmer Choice.

Think Chicken, think Farmer Choice! Because, Farmer Choice offers a wide range of products that score high on both taste and quality. One of India's leading chicken brands, Farmer Choice offers a delicious variety of Exotic Cold Cuts, Fry and Serve and Grill and Serve & Heat & Serve products. Packed with wholesome nutrition, Farmer Choice products are hygienically processed and packaged, from farm to fork!

A premium brand, Farmer Choice offers new-age consumers the luxury of convenience every day, as well as on special occasions, with its diverse range of Heat & Serve and ready to fry foods.

Why Choose Farmer's Choice?

Our mission is to produce quality chicken that is farm fed, hormone free and antibiotic residues free, so that you can enjoy all-natural meat and its enticing flavours right at your table.

Hygienic manufacturing process

The meat processing facility equipped with the latest system has secured stability and reliability with HACCP certification. The automated packaging process minimizes process time to prevent oxidization of product, and suppress harmful bacterium.

Livestock product processing and sales

It provides information to the consumers by back-tracking the manufacturing process using the recent technology of carcass records tracking system. By efficiently improving the structure and practice of existing market, it is responding to changes from manufacturer-centered to consumer-centered market.

Vertical integration

We have achieved vertical integration through a strategic service business cooperation with experts who have long experiences and skills in livestock industry. Based on this, we are expanding our market share with stable shipment and reasonable prices.


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